if I have a workflow structure like this:

onworkflowactivated and its correlation token is "workflowToken".

followed by a custom sequence activity

inside the sequence activity, i have a SendMail activity

Now, the question is how can i set the correlation token of the SendMail activity to "workflowToken"

Re: SharePoint - Workflow Regarding workflow token

Praveen battula

hi BB,

just open ur project in vs2005, when you right click on ur workflow class file (generally workflow1.cs) option like view designer, there u r able to see the list of activities u added.
select sendmail activity and right click--> properties , then properties window open, there in correlationToken select from the list "workflowToken",

ur problem solved


Re: SharePoint - Workflow Regarding workflow token


Thanks for your reply, i think my question was not clear, my bad.

The problem now is i have a custom sequence activity that is created in different project (Project A, let say), and inside this custom sequence activity, i drag one SendMail activity into it.

Then in another project (call it Project B), i have one OnWorkflowActivated activity, i drag the custom sequence activity from Project A after the OnWorkflowActivated, When i do this, all activities inside the custom sequence activity have their properties locked when i am inside the Project B. So i can only change the properties of SendMail activity in Project A, but in Project A, i cannot set the workflow token to be the same as the token of the Onworkflowactivated activity in Project B

Re: SharePoint - Workflow Regarding workflow token


Hi BB,

I'm having pretty much the exact same problem - here's my post. I'll cross-post if someone comes up with an answer. PostID=2277181&SiteID=1&mode=1