I am going to deployment some changes to PRODUCTION. we have SQL server on one machine and the rest of MOSS installed on another machine.

Before I deploy my new changes from TEST to PROD, what is the backup procedure do I have to follow

Shoupl I backup the entire SQL server database on one machine and the rest of the MOSS on another machine And is there any tool to backup the rest of the MOSS on another machine

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Sundar Narasiman

I could think of the following 3 ways for back-up and restore

1)STSADM.EXE comand line tool

2)Central administration wizard

3)SQL Server way of backing-up SQL content databases (backing-up .mdf and .ldf files)

Please refer the following technet links for the above 3 options:-

Here's my recommendation

a)If this is the first time you are going to deploy the sites in production, i'd recommend you to go for

SQL Server back-up & restore way!F3599E60D988EEB0!279.entry

b) If you have already set the production environment and you want to deploy incremental changes (like deploying a modified site alone), go for STSADM.EXE tool way. It gives you more refined and controlled way to doing things.

c) If you want to schedule the back-up process, go for central administration wizard way.!F3599E60D988EEB0!267.entry

d)If your site is of type 'collobation portal with publishing feature enabled' leverage the content deployment jobs to push the changes to production. mfr=true