I am searching for this issue for quiet a long time now. I wanted to have backup of my portal. The backup of all sites is taken daily but I am unable to take the backup of Areas and Sub-Areas. Please help me if anyone know how can I take the back up.

There is another problem I am facing currently with Areas. If the user close the webpart called "WebSites" the whole area is no more available. I am searching for this solution if someone can help me out.

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Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation ((Need help)) How to backup Areas and SubAreas SPS2003??



How are you currently doing your backup

On your second problem, when you say the whole area is no longer available, so you mean there is no longer a link to get to it, or that it no longer exists For example if a user has a favorite in their browser that leads to an area can they use the favorite even if they have deleted the WebSite web part