I'm using MOSS 2007 and I just cant log on with other credentials .
The users exist in the system, they are members of the portal, they have full control permissions, but when I try to log on with other user through portal, I get the message: "File not found".
Usernames and password are correct, no messages "Access is Denied" or something related to this problem.

The funniest thing is that sometimes I can log on with other user, but, in the most of times, as soon as I change the page, the message "file not found" appears again.

Just for test, I've created a new web application and, without modify the structure of the site collection and without customizations, that problem doesnt occur!!

can anyone help me to solve this issue

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion "File not found" when attempting to log on with other user

Christian Dira

You issue seem to be 2 folds.

1- Make sure you have created an alternate access mapping and that you have properly extended your site

2- make sure you have a host header entry in IIS

Chris D, MCTS Sharepoint 2007