I don't know if I'm double-posting or not...I put this question to an SP Usenet NG:

I recently discovered that somehow the domain account I use for my
various WSS 3.0 services and app pools on the WFE server was mis-
created, it does not have enough mailbox rights etc. configured in
ADUC and therefore every Sunday I get an error message stating that it
cannot log in to its mailbox store, it does not even have a mailbox,
though I am sure I told ADUC to create an Exchange mailbox for this

Is it safe for me simply to shut down the WSS 3.0 server, delete and
re-create the WSS 3.0 domain account with the same password, then
restart my WSS 3.0 server This would be simpler than trying to set
up all the things that get set up automatically...

Or will I experience SID etc. problems Or problems with the backend
SQL server

Thank you, Tom