Anybody else run into this yet - I'd like to modify some things on the CreateWebPage.aspx page but only for one library, a Wiki. I tried to make a NewForm.asp in SPD2007 but am only able to make custom edit and display forms for the library (I assume this has to do with how the Wiki feature works).

Any thoughts I'm considering just dumping the Wiki idea and going with a regular list where I can customize all of the forms, but at the same time I'm trying to figure out what functionality (if any) I'd be losing.


Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization Use a custom CreateWebPage.aspx for a Wiki?

Ian Baldwin

This is an old question so I don't expect this reply will be of much use, it's not the whole story anyway.

A custom CreateWebPage.aspx is not a problem. Make a copy of CreateWebPage.aspx giving it a suitable name. Now in Sharepoint go to the settings for your wiki's document library. In the advanced settings, permit content types to be edited. You'll now see the contents list. Open the one for 'article' and go to the advanced settings. You can now set the create page to the copy you made earlier. Changes to that file will only apply to this wiki. But...

As far as I can see it loads in wkpstd.aspx from the DocumentTemplates folder. You really needto be able to take a copy of this as well and point your new version of CreateWebPage to that. But how

I'd appreciate any response to that one.