on my pong game i am making, i have it to where, if the ball hits a paddle, it bounces back(of course), plays a sound, and sets the vibration. Only thing is the vibration doesn't cut of. i have tried this in the collision code

hit = true;



GamePad.SetVibration(PlayerIndex.One, 1.0f, 1.0f);

hit = false;


if ( hit == false)

GamePad.SetVibration(PlayerIndex.One, 0f,0f);

but the controller still vibrates even with the above code.

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I was trying to do the same a while back and posted a similar question - and got some replies that helped a lot Here's a link to the original thread: PostID=1028337&SiteID=1

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There is a GameComponent available that handles rumble pretty well. It is very easy to set up.