Has anybody seen anything about how The University's listed in the XNA press release[1] are using XNA For instance, are they using XNA for the whole curriculum or are they just using it in the intro courses

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Dave Mitchell - MSFT

As you might imagine, they are all using it in different ways. There have been new courses, modified courses, electives and more created around XNA Game Studio Express.


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I go to art school in Atlanta and I am trying very hard to convince my school to move away from VB to C# and XNA. The reason they're on VB is because you can teach an artist the visual aspects of the program using the stage and then move to the code behind it. The unfortunate side effect is that you're not realistically preparing a student in either Game Design or Game Programming for the truth that programming is a bit more complicated for games. The plus side is that you aren't necessarily risking losing your students on the material, especially when a majority of them taking the course aren't there for programming.

Still, I personally feel the process and end results are worth the efforts. I hit VB's inherent limits when I had to program an isometric tile engine without the help of DirectX. The resources available have been my number one reason for pushing the faculty to take a very serious look at the development environment. Students don't have to leave the classroom and feel like they cannot find the answers.

So I guess I want to applaud the entire XNA community for making this a very special means of learning and advanced through my budding game programming career. I'll keep fighting the good fight for the adoption of XNA at my school. I imagine since you have to uninstall previous VS installations that the changeover, if and when it does happen, is going to be a messy week for the IT staff, getting things on and off of the systems.



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You can install XNA GSE alongside existing VS installations. I'm currently using VS Pro and GSE with no problems whatsoever.

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Joe Engalan

I'm using XNA to teach Game Development. Game Development is a follow up to the Game Design course. I like to use XNA because the students can learn the actual craft of developing a game without getting bogged down in how to setup the rendering, input, and sound pipelines. Using XNA, we can rapidly test ideas and create mini-games that get the juices flowing. For instance, after learning about game architecture by making a Pong game, my students are 2 weeks into a 3 week game project that they code from scratch (using some utilities we developed together). Some of the ideas we've seen are fun an innovative. Definately a good base to create a more polished product from. Hopefully, polishing these games might be enough of a demo for them to present to a prospective employer.