when doing a Matrix View

How can one know what to set the variables CameraView and CameraTarget too When I set these and run the program I don't see my board. The board is in *.X it' is <10,1,10> (y is up/down).

Some one please help. I just want it to a stationary camera viewing the board in Orthographic View.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Camera help

Dave van Bale

I think you'll find what your looking for in here.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Camera help


Also look on and search the site and tutorials for camera info

For a simple working WALK camera check out the camera code in the Quadtree project on Codeplex

Unfortunatley My Camera Guide is still "Slowly" becomming (damn work), bu will be here soon hopefully.

Check my blog if you wish which des have a basic post about camers

Hope this helps