I'm new for studying XNA.

I want to try drawings both 2D and 3D. But I'm bit confused how do i start to write code.
Should i create code in Game1.cs or anything
If yes, where i can start create the code


Re: XNA Game Studio Express ask example for try drawing


Hey, you would need to learn C# from a good resource, may I suggest "C#: The Complete Reference" as a great starting place. If you already know C#, then please look at the "Help" files, they will get you going in the right ditrection, also they are more complete and descriptive than I could be.

Also, I hate to inform you of this but you need to take further questions here.

In order to post I believe you need a GamerCard, if you have one then you just need to sign in and there you are.

If you haven't got a GamerCard, then you need to head on over to and get yourself one, it's free for a Silver account which is all you'll need.