im starting to write a simple game.A tetris-like game.But i have a problem.My game will be about 1 or 2 MB.And written in C#.But if the users dont have .NET framework 2.0,wont they be able to play my game Or what should i do except making them installing Framework 2.0 Because it is huge and 20 mb .

i need your advises,dear programer friends!

Thanks a lot...

Re: Game Technologies: DirectX 101 Game-install question?


If your program uses .NET 2.0 then anyone who installs it will have to have .NET 2.0 installed. Also if your program uses Managed DirectX 1.1, then users will need to install .NET 1.1 as well, if they don't already have it. I don't know of any ways around this, but one way to simplify your program's installation is to use ClickOnce deployment, which automatically checks to see if the user has all the required components and downloads them if necessary.

Hope that helps.