I'm new in xna and 3D dev, but I'm used to 3D software. When I see xna release, i was thinking than it could be a good idea to try to make my next demo reel on it. Could be really more interesting than a simple movie.

So after many weeks of research about C#, XNA, Dx, I start to dev my own application. At this time, I can load my 3D model's, light, camera, make my character move, and some other stuff, but I see, few days ago, a sample of Normal Mapping. I try it and damn, that's look's great. But when I try to import my own 3D model with normal map XNa say's "Normal Map Is Missing", I make my model with 3D Studio Max 8, and use autodesk fbx exporter. My normal is generate with Zbrush.

If anyone can help me

Re: XNA Framework Normal Map Is Missing

Jim Perry

It's hard to help unless we can see what you're doing. Describing it doesn't help us much.

Re: XNA Framework Normal Map Is Missing


Ok, so contact me by msn I will explain you and give u source. But I based my work on the sample release by microsoft on creators.xna.com


Re: XNA Framework Normal Map Is Missing

The ZMan

Maybe Jim is feeling generous with his time and will debug your code for you but in general these forums are not places to dump your code and ask others to debug it. You need to give much more details, small code snippets and tell us wht you have already tried.

Are you using the normal map sample as is from the creators club site or have you changed it If you have changed it then try loading your model into the unchanged version. If it still doesn't work then check where the normal map is expected to be - have you put it in a different directory (check the .x/.fbx file - if its in text format you can open it in notepad and seach for the normal map file name - see if its got a hard coded path).

Failing that there is a tool called filemon which will watch the file system and you can see what the importer is looking for and where it is trying to find it.