I'm trying to make a filter for the microphone, I already achieved this using DirectSound, the problem is that I need this filtered output to be the input in another application (of which I don't have the source code). The other application is a sound recorder very similar to windows sound recorder (Start -> Accesories -> Entertaintment). So what I really need is to somehow put the filtered output as a system sound input (like the microphone). I'm thinking to do this using the WDK (Windows Driver Kit) and make a virtual driver which will filter input from mic and provide this to other applications as an audio input. Is there a better way to do this is this even posible (to use DirectSound in the code of a virtual device driver) Is this easy am I crazy Smile

Thanks in advance,

P.S: I posted this here because my filtering app is made in C# and mostly because I didnt found the forums for the WDK , i'll look for it though and post there too, sorry if this is extremely off-topic.