just a quick question:if i want to make a fairly huge terrain say 4096 x 4096 or greater then i run into the problem that i can't make a vertex buffer that big.

Now this being the case i thought id cut my terrain up into squares and make a mini vertex buffer and index buffer each square....

Setting my vertex buffer and index buffer for each square seems to absolutely kill my frame rate.

Any suggestions how else i should be doing this Is it ok to change vertex or index buffer during the Begin/End pass

Re: Game Technologies: DirectX 101 big(ish) terrain problem


If you have access to hardware that can sample textures in a vertex shader (NV40+ HW only at this time), then you can use a single vertex tile with a constant shift and scale within your vertex shader.

Try a search for "Geometry Clipmapping", or head on over to for the skinny on many similar techniques, most of which toss in LOD for free