All the issues are performance related.

First of all, I have a graphics card with two screens support.

When I run my program on my secondary screen I get different FPS then on the primary one. It doesnt have to do with the different refresh rates of the monitors.

I would like to know if there are tools to check performance of the graphic card in your software

I have tried to use PIX on my program, it created a data base of all the frames, but it said it has no event or information on all the frames.

So it didnt work well.

What I am trying to do is a space combat game.

I have a shader with normal map, phong lighting and reflection.

I also have envirionment map as background of the space game. The same map is used for reflection.

The problem is that when I use both the reflection and the environment map as background, I get an FPS drop.

If I remove the background environment map, and stay with the reflection I get refresh rate FPS.

My graphic card is NVIDIA GEFORCE 6200 LE.

What should I do

Thank you.

Re: Game Technologies: Graphics Several directX performance issues


That is provably a hardware related issue, the screen splitting thing it's provably a software that does that and has different threads for each rendering, so, one thread has more CPU/GPU priority, but I am just guessing I don't even know what video card U'r using and how the screen splitting feature was build, you should ask your vendor. About the software you were asking for you should take a look at or they have the tools you need.

Good lock.



Re: Game Technologies: Graphics Several directX performance issues

BLANC Guillaume

Directx always runs fast on the primary display and slower on the second one. So you can either change your primary display in the control panel, or create the device for the second display rather the default one. If you want your application to run as fast on both display, then you'll have to dinamically recreate the device depending on the dispay the app is running on.

Please create a seperate post for each of your question so that you got more chance to have experts answers.