Toni Greco

If I install a project from "DirectX Sample Browser" the references for DirectX (december 2006) are like this:

But this folder path don't exist, exist only until
where I found all library, DirectX too.

If inside Visual Studio I click "Add Reference" I find only folder path like this
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\DirectX for Managed Code\1.0.2902.0\Microsoft.DirectX.dll
and this folder path exist.

Both version of dll work very well on my PC, but the second don't work if i try it on other computer. Don't work the exe and don't work if I open project too: wrong reference. SDK is installed also on second computer (always december 2006).

Now the question.
How can I add reference to right DLL (without using "DirectX Sample Browser" projects) that will work on any computer with right runtime installed
From "Add Reference" I don't see the path C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC\... for dll.

Thank you for help.

Re: Game Technologies: General Managed DirectX reference for C# project

The ZMan

The gac and the assembly directory are maintained by .net - in fact the gac isn't even a real directory

the references should be made in C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\DirectX