Hello fellow gamers,

I am the newb next door and I need someone to tell me where to start. Where is the best starting point in the road to a professional game designer Do I start with 2D games Or 3D

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well, most say to start in 2d, and it makes sense, start from the basic and make something more complex, but I on the other hand like to start with where you want to go. My method (be warned this is a highly risky method that will probably not lead to a profesional game or future, but it works for me).

You want to make a 'next generation 3d space star wars style dogfight game' well, what would you start with, getting a ship and moving it onscreen. So find tutorials about making a 3d object on screen, then what, you gotta make it move, so look for tutorials on that. Then, I would go with a weapon system, make you ship fire, then make a basic enemy that doesnt move or have ai but will explode. Just take it one step at a time I say, but most other gurus around here will tell you a better more tried method, but I like to see progress and starting with a simple game idea such as pong is not progress in my game, but whatever works. Anyways, getting started it very easy to get lost in the written tutorials, here is a great site with video tutorials that take it from the VERY VERY start and really enlightens you to C# quickly, video tutorials are the way for beginers IMO, then once you understand the code structure the written ones will make much more sense. Here is a link to a site with good video tutorials (a couple hours worth total easy though, watch them over a few days) page_id=46

Good luck!

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It also depends on if you know how to program in C#. If you're new to C# look here;

I found this very helpful.

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This dude taught me everything i have learnt so far about XNA

Lukily I use C# at work so have a grounds up in C# but once you get the hang of it its not that bad. Keep at it !


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Simply search the forums for Tutorials for more info and read the XNA docs that came with GSE, the XNA team spent a lot of time getting usfull stuff in there.

For 2D start over at, good 2D tuts

for 3D head over to for 3D tuts.

Lots more links on the forums and my blog site (which remind me I have a few more to add)

Dave "LetsKillDave" Weller has also posted a humongous link page on his blog which whould be checked out -

Enjoy learning