Michael Hansen

when i have submit a game to the dream build play contest

1. can i share the full source code of the game to the community so otheres can learn

2. can i before i submit the game show videos and pictures of the game on my website

i really like to give somting to the community but on the othere hand i wood like to enter the contest

please microsoft anser thies

best regards


Re: XNA Framework Content Sharing microsoft

Shawn Hargreaves - MSFT

I'm not involved with organising the contest, so this is in no way an official Microsoft answer, but I certainly didn't see anything in the rules saying that you can't do those things. In the absence of a rule saying you can't do it, seems reasonable to assume that you can...

Re: XNA Framework Content Sharing microsoft

Michael Hansen

tanks can ask some folks about it

then i can turn on the 3devolution website for real