I started writing a simple program to handle avatar movement and a scrolling tile map (planning on having it grow into an RPG style, or at least a stepping stone before leaping into 3D design). I reached a point in the code where I thought it would be nice to show it to a few people I was talking to about it. So I packaged up the project, and a copy of the release compiled exe.
The project kept showing a certificate missing error when compiling, but that went away on the other machines by turning off the signing function. The odd thing is that the application shows a file not found exception if you just use the release exe package (I've double checked, there aren't any of my content/image/xml files missing). I get the same error if I try to run the publish function. In fact the publish function seems to reactivate the signing function whenever it is called. A temporary key file appears in the project at that point, but it is not set to compile or embed or copy. I performed the same test on a tutorial file from XNAresources and it worked fine and installed fine.

If any one has either encountered this problem before, or could look at my files (linked below) with any pointers I would really appreciate it.



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Does any one have any ideas at all

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Jim Perry

I'm not getting a "file not found" error when I run the exe version. Did you fix this already

Just a note - the sprite doesn't rotate correctly in all circumstances, especially when holding down two arrow keys and releasing one.

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I didn't think I had already fixed it... I have been messing around with it on the computer but haven't uploaded a new copy since right before I posted last night. Maybe the issue is with my tester's computer then. I'll try to find a spare one to try it on tonight and see. It had been running fine on my computers (the developing computers) but then was told about the error.

About the sprite: yeah, I know it isn't rotating right and I'm not exactly sure why. The rotation angle is calculated off of the change in position as the arctangent of the change in Y divided by the change in X (updated every time the sprite's position property changes in the set function). I had at first tried to calculate the rotation in the Update loop but had the same results and figured I had a synch issue, but moving the code didn't help.

Thank you for running the exe and checking it, I'll look into checking out the tester's system and figure out if it is now running for him.

Incase you (or any one else) is curious or willing to test in the future, i've set up a live spaces page just for the project's development. http://hvacengi.spaces.live.com

Once again, thanks for helping out.

(If any one else happens to run it and gets the exception error, please let me know)

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George Clingerman

I gave the project a go as well and the EXE ran fine with no errors.