Has anyone seen a content pipeline importer for md3 (quake models) or later md versions (md4, etc.)

I've kept up with most of the major blogs and community sites (and I've been keeping my eyes open for this for since the pipeline was released), but I haven't seen anything developed yet.

I could probably convert my md3 models to .x files, but if I could find an importer that maybe already has the standard md3 animations mapped, then it would be much easier :)


Re: XNA Game Studio Express md3, 4, 5, quake model importer

Michael Morton

http://www.ziggyware.com/weblinks.php cat_id=3&weblink_id=42

Here is Delerium's source code to MD5 meshes. I beleive this was put out around Beta 1 time so you will probably need to update it. If you do please let me know.