I'de put a pictuer up of the insidint but i can't. When i try to debug it will say,

"Couldn't connect (ALOT of stuff) please rebuild project, or place in the right location."

i put the right location and i started all over but it's like not working for me soneone please help me!!

Re: XNA Game Studio Express please help

Joel Martinez

you're not giving us a lot to go on ... try posting a picture on imageshack or copy/pasting the text of the error.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express please help

Jon Watte

Using my psychic powers, I believe the original poster is trying to cross-debug from Windows to Xbox 360. When trying to start the program, the 360 apparently does not answer, and the IDE will generate an error about that fact.

Make sure that you're signed in to the creator's club, have set up the Xbox to listen for PC connections, have added the right IP address, etc. I think there might even be an Xbox remote debugging trouble-shooter document in the help file which you might want to read. (Press F1, then use Search to find the right document).

But, in general, a request for help should have the following:

1) A title that describes what the problem is. For example: "Can't debug project on 360"
2) A short description of what you want to do. For example "I'm trying to start a project I've built in XNA game studio express onto the 360, but it doesn't work."
3) A thorough description of what you expect should happen, and what actually happens, including writing the text of any error message. This is not optional.
4) A short description of what you have tried already. For example "I don't know what to try, as I don't know what help file to read."
5) Correct grammar and spelling is helpful, but not totally necessary if you already have points 1 through 4 down.

Looking at your post, you didn't hit a single point, so consider this your chance to learn how to ask smart questions that get good answers.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express please help

Joel Martinez

I bow before your clairvoyant powers Jon ... well done