Kenneth Baird

I've built a simple XNA 2D map editor for fun that mixes xna and winforms.

It supports 20 layers, multiframe and animating textures, and has grid snap.

It's very basic and small, intended mainly as a learning experience.

Grab here:



Re: XNA Framework A Simple 2D Map Editor

Derek Nedelman

This is a very helpful little tool. I think if you just worked out a few issues and added a few more small features people could make effective use of it.

A few suggestions:
-2D map editors typically snap to the tile size, so you should probably default to 32/32 rather than the current 1/1
-The default 1/1 scrolls speed doesn't seem to scroll at all
-The first tile placed flickers endlessly, as though it's animated
-Is there a way to delete placed tiles
-It would be very handy if there were a multiline text entry that could be brought up for any tile. This way you a user could add some custom text to the tile, such as xml or key=value pairs that could be loaded into the game engine.
-Variable scroll speeds for the different layers
-A simple Map class that people could user in their game project to load a previously saved map file.

Also, why not upload this to my site so that the tool doesn't disappear into the abyss of these forums

Re: XNA Framework A Simple 2D Map Editor

Kenneth Baird

Thanks for the suggestions! Feel free to put it on your site if you wish.

I didn't even think about the layer's scrolling differently. That seems like a no brainer. I was thinking in top down ultima mode.

The flickering sprite shows which placed sprite is selected in the layer editor. With the layer editor you can change the values for the individual sprites placed down, or delete them. Multiselect works on this list, but not on the main texture list.

I didn't do a very good job of explaining that in the readme.

Snap being auto set to texture element size would be a cool feature. I am using the torque adventure kit assets with this. They have some excellent texture atlases of ground tiles, and animating trees.

I'm not sure I'll get time to do much more though, I am on vacation just goofing off. Will be back to work soon. :)


Re: XNA Framework A Simple 2D Map Editor

Kenneth Baird

I updated the zip with some of your suggestions.

I now set the snap to the texture's element size when a new texture is selected. This is either the full size of the texture or a frame if multiple frames are stored in the texture.

The scroll speed variable was never getting set unless you modified scroll speed, so yea 1/1 wouldn't move :) Fixed that.

Added per layer scroll speed. This will make the new files incompatible with the old (I knew that binary file format would come back to haunt me)

Added a coordinate display. Also fixed the layer view's linkage so it properly updates if you don't mess with the layer switcher.

Thanks for the input!