David W Hart

Me and my team are making a simple 3d game engine on top of Xna. Up to now, we have been pleasantly supprised by what is has to offer to us, but since the Beta 2 (and now the official release) has provided the Content Pipeline, we have come upon some serious problems for the programming of the Editor which will accompany the engine.

The problem stands as follows. Up to now, we have found only one way to add content to a game: by addind it to the Visual Studio project, making sure it is set with the right Importer and Processor and build the projet. The build process transforms these assets into .xnb files, which the ContentManager can quickly load at runtime.

Now, let's imagine I am coding the map editor. How can I make the editor dynamically load resources For textures, the Texture.FromFile method works fine. But that is not a very nice way of doing it, as no .xnb file is generated, and the texture still has to be manually added to the game project later on, when the map has been saved. But there are no solutions I can see for other resources, like Model, which don't have any direct loading methods.

I downloaded the Torque X engine (even if it is a 2d engine), to see how they do things, and I saw that they do have an editor. The funny part is that it looks like the editor works on .csproj files. So somehow, the Torque X editor controls the building process, and thus the resource importing process.

I am lost as to what should be done. If anybody has a clue into what direction to look, I will be most grateful.

Thanks in advance,
David Hart.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Content Pipeline Problem


I guess this article -by Shawn Hargreaves- is what you and your team need as a starting point.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Content Pipeline Problem

Michael Klucher - MSFT

Check out this article http://blogs.msdn.com/shawnhar/archive/2006/11/07/build-it-ahead-of-time.aspx

Hope it helps.