I know in direct8 that you could put the animations into the model so the developer wouldn't be bothered with such things.

Is that still the trend or do developers write thier own animation to save time on the artists



Re: XNA Framework Do commercial game writer manage thier own animations or do the artists load the animations?

Jon Watte

Artists are also developers. I assume by "developers" you really mean "programmers."

In general, in game development, artists want as much control as possible -- if anything, game development is moving away from procedural animation, and towards procedurally driven blending/composition of artist-specified animations. That way, you can tweak what the animations look like without having to re-build the entire game.

Also, for most professional developers, .X is not the format. Rather, you go with some middleware, such as Granny from RAD game tools, or Gamebryo from Emergent, or Unreal Engine, or Source, or one of a host of other engines. Each middleware typically has its own file format. It's also common to separate animations into separate files, rather than tieing them to the given mesh; that way, you can re-target them to multiple meshes. A single animation, in high quality, is likely to be pretty big (all those bone needing all that control data over time).