Hello everyone, Just a quick question. I'm really excited about xna and running code on my 360. I'm currently working as a c++ programmer and I'd consider myself at an intermediate level, after finishing my degree and a year in industry. I'm currently teaching myself directX 9 and I want to get started on xna but unfortunately I have no knowledge of c#. I've extensive experience with java from college but I consider c++ to be my native language.

Anyway to bring my slightly drink fueled rambling to an end, I've learned the only way to get to grips on a programming language is through small projects. In college we never fully implemented a windows GUI, they taught us swing on linux and I've played a bit with swt in eclipse. So for me it seems like an oppurtunity to kill two birds with the one stone. I want to learn how to write a c# .net to write a few simple GUIs and get a grip on that. Do you reckon this is the best way to go forward or is there a better approach, considering that I will only be using c# for xna.

Anyway a very merry christmas from Ireland to everyone. Hope you're all having a great time.

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With your previous programming experience you should find learning C# pretty easy. Just download Visual C# Express and check out the language primer in the documentation. You don't need to know any of the Windows Forms stuff for XNA; although it's interesting to mess about with just to see how easy it is to knock up a GUI.

The fact you have some DirectX9 experience means you could quite easily start using XNA. I've been learning DX9 as I go along as I come from an OpenGL background. Make sure you go through the XNA tutorials in the documentation first though.

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Jim Perry

With your experience you shouldn't have any problems with C# or XNA. Trying to do a GUI as a first project is probably a bit much though. I'd start with a small game or two and work your way up. There's a lot of tutorials already from the community so you should find plenty to go through.

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I suppose I came from roughly the same 'branch' as you, with experience in c++ and java prior to c# (not to mention the tons of other languages, since i think c++ and java are the most vital to this).. I would go as far as to say that you shouldn't have to spend too many weeks to get acquainted to c#. The intellisense really helps everything along, I'm not sure if Eclipse has that for java.. but I know the regular IDE's do, so you'll probably be used to that. I don't think the learning curve should be particularly drastic for you.

With writing simple GUI's, do you mean winform guis or XNA custom built interfaces Winforms are easy enough to start up with, especially if you don't care about the code behind it and just use the visual drag and dropping thing.. (Although I recommend coding them by hand). Building an interface in XNA, which isn't what i think you're asking, takes a bit more time.

Coding XNA is an alright introduction to C# if you're well versed enough in programming to begin with (XNA is easy, after all), and if all you're aiming to do with C# is making 360 games.. absolutely nothing more.. Then I think you may as well start up with XNA tutorials straight away. It has certain, fairly large, restrictions as to what parts of the framework you have at your disposal.. To read up and potentially get 'dependent' on things not included in the compact framework might be a waste of time if all they're going to do is get in your way later on.
If you want to give C# a real chance as a programming language which you might use for other tasks though, you could do to build other applications first to get your feet wet. It really is a nice language to use, I had plenty of doubts early on.. But these days it's in my top list of languages. :)

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Void!

Well, about learn C# if you have "or not" previous programming experience I do recomend that you found a good book about it. Despite of the incredible help that # Express offers, sometimes (at least myself ) need a most pratical and less technical vision. I usualy code on XNA with "A Programmer's Introduction to C#" from author Eric Gunnerson above my desk, it's an old book (2000-2001) so you can buy it now for cheap.

Like you told that you're now a C++ coder, I tell you that Mr. Gunnerson inside his book takes an approach to tell about similarities between #'s and other languages, so I think you'll feel comfortable while migrating, it's also not so huge like C++ Bibles ( just 326 5"x 8" pages) so you can finish it in just 4 days "painlessly" .

Best regards!

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I came from a somewhat similar situation. I learned C++ and tried learning OpenGl and DirectX, and I was a merely a beginner at C++, with about a year's experience of tooling around with various random stuff in my spare time. I also had some slight VB experience, not much though. I learned about XNA and was slightly annoyed by the fact that there wasn't a C++ version, but then I learned about C# and realized that C# is simpler. To me, a beginner, it appears to produce more readable code and it appears to be simpler.

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Myself, I came from a VB / C background with fairly good (intermediate) level of understanding.

Personally I found the MS 101 coding series a lot of help and a couple other c# for programmers guides, beware though to make sure you get c# 2005 reference guides and the 2003 one's (i Feel ) loose something, 2005 uses .Net 2, which has a lot more usefully (and better organised) framework structure.

Go though the MS guides and then work from there, with .Net I found it just as easy to just straight into XNA cold with c#, but tats just me.