Martin Schmidt

in the beta version it was necessary to create a texture with all symbols and to write a little class which draws the text with that texture as a sprite.

now, is there any "native" support to draw text in the final version of xna

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I've seen neither hide nor hair of it.

This is one reason why I avoid the utility libraries

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Jim Perry

They demoed some font support stuff at the launch party. I'm just waiting for it to hit. When will that be BTW guys !

Oh, yeah, I want me some XNA Asteroids too.

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Jon Watte

There is no native text drawing. The text support is a simple component class you can download and use to draw text. Although I wrote my own, being all NIH and stuff :-)

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George Clingerman

They are correct. There is still no direct support in XNA to draw text. There are a variety of community components to help you get text displayed in your game quickly and there was that demoed font component from Microsoft (that is still on it's way) but there is currently nothing native to XNA for drawing text.

Here's a list of some of the community font components.

Nuclex.Fonts from Nuclex

XNAExtras from Gary K

XNAStage from Bill Reiss

XNA Font Creator from Ziggyware article_id=44

Hope that helps.