i have question about:

void LoadGraphicsContent(bool loadAllContent);

what belongs to what group (ResourceManagementMode)

i see that Texture have parameter that control it, but where is Effect, Model...
is there any list what is automatic and what is manual

Re: XNA Framework ResourceManagementMode & LoadGraphicsContent


As far as I know, ResourceManagementMode only applies to the types mentioned under the "See Also" section in the docs:

I would suspect that they are all automatic by default when loaded by your game's ContentManager.

Re: XNA Framework ResourceManagementMode & LoadGraphicsContent


Except explicitly stated as manual, all others can be thought as automatic.

Normally everything from ContentManager are automatic. Manual things are only low level objects which you deal with directly, such as render targets, dynamic vertex buffers, dynamic textures, state blocks.

Higher level objects are automatic as we expect. E.g. Model is built on top of automatic resources. Effect is handled by XNA to behave like automatic.