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Any good one Please, lol I really really really really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to learn how to make games. Thanks

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Anyone know a good tutorial that teaches you XNA and how to make games?


Download the XNA Game Studio Express and in Help you will have tutorials, tips etc.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Anyone know a good tutorial that teaches you XNA and how to make games?


First point, Search these forums for tutorial, many may posts on tutorials available.


Goto the main XNA MS site for starting info, msdn.com/xna

finally, install C# express and XNA game studio and open the help, lots of starter guides there.

I would strongly reccommed gogn through all the 2D tutorials and make a 2D example game first, 3D gets very complex and the 2D background will help a lot, so get to know 2D first



Re: XNA Game Studio Express Anyone know a good tutorial that teaches you XNA and how to make games?

George Clingerman

Before you can start making games with XNA and moving through game making tutorials, you'll first need to learn how to program in C#. This thread here contains a ton of resources to get you started on learning C#. There are suggestions and recommendations for sites, books and video tutorials for getting you started learning how to develop with C# so something should fit your skill level and style of learning.

Once you have a basic grasp of development terminology, techniques, the syntax of C# and how to develop using C#, you'll be ready to start tackling some of the various tutorials on XNA development found around the community.

Microsoft has provided some great tutorials right within the help of XNA Game Studio Express so you can take a look at those. You can also check out the various community sites that have tutorials for various skill levels of future game developers.

Here are a few to get you started and once you've worked through the tutorials found there, check out their links sections and move on to some more community sites.


From there, you'll just want to stay active in the forums here, play with new game development techniques, look at XNA Game samples provided by the community and research any unfamiliar words and terminology you come across. (do internet searches and read Wikipedia articles).

If you really don't want to learn how to develop with C#, but are more interested in getting a game up and running faster, then I would recommend you looking at what's coming from Microsoft's partner Garage Games. They have a game development studio called TorqueX that is more drag and drop in style that uses XNA to help you make games.

Whatever you decide, just take your time, go slow and start with the basics. If you jump in to fast, you're only going to frustrate yourself. Be realistic about your goals and work hard at building the auxiliary skills you'll need to make that kick butt game bouncing around in your noggin.