I come from a 2D background and figure that XNA is a perfect chance to start making some 3D programs, one problem: the math and terms involved are becoming too much for me. I'm looking for a resource to simplifiy the 3D process, I went through the nice video tutorials and got my ships moving and rotating; even got them rotating/moving on all three axis (axi ), albeit with some weird behavior. Terrain terrorifies me, I have no idea on any of it. I'm looking more so for explanation rather then code, I followed reimer's tutorials but I found them incredibly confusing; they seem more angled towards someone to play with the code rather then learn from the explanations.

Anyway, please if you have any resources share'em with me because I'm confused.

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Hello there...

I also think that reimers tutorials aren't so easy to understand for beginners. They aren't bad but i also felt a little lost.

I like the tutorials from www.thehazymind.com and also look at ziggyware.com for other links an tutorials.

It's not so easy to find advanced tutorials especially for xna. Take a look and search for managed directx tuturials. It's not too different from xna and those differences are well discribed on those sites. www.mdxinfo.com is a very good site to start.



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Arek Bal

Make some plain terrain in blender...load it through content pipeline... make 1st person perspective from documentation tutorials. Hmm. What else Start thinking about collision detection - how to make your avatar/s live, contact with your 3d world. Without it, he's like ghost.

That would be some nice start(and no kick into face) before start drawing programaticaly.

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Nick Gravelyn

I would check out xna101.net. It teaches you to create a simple game in 3D to get you thinking about three dimensions. Also covers some basic collision handling and loading models. Should be enough to get you started.

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Thank you all for your input, I'm checking out those sites now.