I recently attempted to use XACT for a 2d game using C++, and i got an error when loading the global settings file, which i never managed to debug and so used a different audio API instead.

Now i am coding audio for a 3D game using XNA and C#, the same thing happens when i attempt to load the xgs file. However it throws a much more helpful sounding Exception: "XACT could not load the data provided. Make sure you are using the correct version of the XACT tool."

I have checked that i have the most up to date, december 2006 version of XACT. I heard that only the august 2006 version of the actual creation tool works with XNA, is this true it seems a bit silly if it is, does it mean i have to use the august 06 version of DirectX if i want to use XNA properly
Is there anyway of just downloading august 2006 version of XACT without reinstalling the whole SDK

Also does anyone know if is there any plans in giving XACT anywhere near half the useful features that DirectSound has

Thanks :)

Re: Game Technologies: Audio / XACT XACT with XNA

Joel Martinez

I'm not sure about the versions of XACT that come with the SDK, but I know that the version of XACT that comes with XNA Game Studio express works just fine for me. Perhaps you could give that a shot

Re: Game Technologies: Audio / XACT XACT with XNA

Brian MS

A very important point about XACT is that you should always use the tool version that matches the run-time version. So, if you are using GSE, you need to use the version of the XACT GUI tool that came with GSE.