I'd like to create a large 2D landscape/terrain sprite by using a Bezier curve.

It looks like the Curve would be perfect but from what I can tell it doesn't support Bezier curves (maybe I'm wrong )

So... how can I create a Bezier curve based on a random amount of points (optionally: how can I save this curve to a texture/sprite so I can later deform it, etc...)


Re: XNA Game Studio Express Can I draw a bezier curve with XNA?


I'm not exactly sure what kind of curves they are, but I've been using the Curve class to make some very nice sexy and smooth curves. I started by looking at the tutorial in the documentation that explains how to make a Curve3D class. The magic seems to happen in the SetTangents function that is created in the tutorial. Not exactly sure whats going on there, but the results are slick (and bezier-like) and I think it'd work out well for a landscape.

You may also want to try generating a heightmap with some Perlin noise as an alternate approach.