Jon Watte

I found, through astounding coincidence, the function MeshHelper.FlattenSkeleton(). The documentation says that this is guaranteed to generate the same bone index numbers as the bone/weight generation for a mesh.

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems as if this will be the solution to our animation woes -- with this function, you can write an animation processor without a custom importer.

I'm posting this so that other poor souls searching the list will find the apparently recommended solution -- although an official comment from MSFT would be nice. (Even nicer would have been a pointer to this function in the first place, but I ain't complaining too loudly :-)

Re: XNA Framework Skinned animation bone indices solution

Shawn Hargreaves - MSFT

FlattenSkeleton is the method used internally while converting the bone weights, so that will always give the same ordering.

Our animation sample is still on the way - sorry it's taking so long to get this out to you, but you know how it is, big companies have a lot of process that has to happen before we can release anything to the public :-)

Re: XNA Framework Skinned animation bone indices solution


you can tell the boss theres a pint in it for him if he can speed through the paperwork ;)

Re: XNA Framework Skinned animation bone indices solution


Not for the boss. You may start save money to buy a whole cistern. There are a bundle of bosses involved to. The inner QM usually requires much more to be conformed than the standard ISO 9000 insists on. And there is a max speed of the paperflow.  Btw you can see the issue date for the XNA documentation - November, 18. Three weeks before the release date.