Im looking for tutorial on how to use MSReverb with XACT.
I need to change 'ReflectionsDelay' reverb parameter from engine.

I'v created MSReverb filter, attached all sounds to it,
then created new global variable called MYRefDelay (type: public, scope: global, controll: monitored)
then under RPC presets double clicked on MSReverb, then assigned MYRefDelay to reverb ReflectionsDelay, then modified curve as i need to map MYRefDelay range to reverb ReflectionsDelay range.

Now in file:

index = engine->GetGlobalVariableIndex("MYRefDelay");
// index is valid
engine->SetGlobalVariable(index, 100.0f); // HRESULT is OK

but there is no any change in played sound :(
What I am doing wrong
When in XACT GUI I change variable value, I HEAR the change.

When for example to the MyRefDelay variable i assign 1::Pitch inside xact gui
i hear the change of sound speed. so code seems to be ok.

Thanks for any ansfers.

Re: Game Technologies: Audio / XACT XACT and MSReverb

Joel Martinez

I was just wondering if you figured out your issue I'm curious to know what the resolution was if so ...

Are you certain you were changing the variable by a large enough amount at run-time to even hear the difference