I'm not really sure if this belongs in here, because I don't know wether my problem is a C# or a DX9 issue, but ill take my shot.

I made a C# Project using VS2005 Proffessional which includes a Picturebox in which I render my 3D stuff using DX9c. The app also has some non DX9 standard tools, like Buttons, Textfields, etc... . The second i start rendering with the DirectX device, all non DX9 stuff stops being redrawn. The Buttons still work but theres no animation, no update, the Framerate stops being refreshed(displayed), nothing works which includes graphical altering except the DX9 stuff rendered within the Picturebox. I tried to Refresh the Form, but nothing helps, I'd appreciate all comments, thnx.

Greetings Alexander

Re: Game Technologies: DirectX 101 C# Form not refreshing while rendering with a DX9 device within.


Sounds like your render loop is taking all the CPU power and you are not get any windows messages through.

This is the render loop thatí»s recommended:

Or just to get you going:

Hope that helps