Anyone else got problems starting up XACT It worked in the past but haven't used it for a few weeks. In the interim, I've installed the Vista SDK, .NET Framework 3.0, WF and WCF extensions for Visual Studio etc.

I've uninstalled all these components and reinstalled GSE and Visual Studio Express but still get the same exception on start-up. In the debugger, I see Additional Information: System.Net.Dns threw an exception. I built a quick program to check I could use this class and it worked OK.

Please note that this is a duplicate of a post in the GSE forum.

Help !


Re: Game Technologies: Audio / XACT XACT - System.TypeInitializationException on start-up

Joel Martinez

here's a link to the x-posted thread in case anyone is curious :-) PostID=1280086&SiteID=1