Nick Winters

I know the full xbox devkit has screen capture and video capture built into the toolkit. Is there any such feature in GSE

If there isn't, does anyone have any recommendation that does not include a vcr



Re: XNA Game Studio Express Screen or Video Capture?


Since there's no Xbox networking support in this release, it looks like whatever you do wouldn't make it back to your PC. Unless there's some tool that can grab the GPU data (I'm 90% sure that there are tools like that on the retail dev kits), you may be out of luck.

For screen shots, you might be able to render to a texture and implement some simple ASCII encoding (like base64) for the image data, then grab the string in the debugger and convert it back to image data on your PC.

There's also a 3rd-party Xbox 360 memory card reader for the PC. I don't know if there's an API for it, or if their save files are easy to parse, but that would give you 54 or so meg to play with -- save multiple still frames then create a video on the PC side.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Screen or Video Capture?


Here is a similar thread with a little bit more details on how to capture screen to a file, and same conclusion for how to get the file to your PC. PostID=1063319&SiteID=1