Hello.I wan't to make a DirectX Application (not a game).I wan't to use a lot of animations, etc (things from DirectX).Where I can find a good tutorial to learn me:

1 - How to draw lines, rectangles, circle, sphere.How can I animate them.How can I fill them with color (not only a color....).How to use texture

2- How can I insert windows form controls (like buttons,textbox,etc) but desing those controls.

Thanks you very much and sorry for my bad english... Sad .. I'm learning...

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If you have DIrectX SDk installed, go to Start > Programs > Microsoft DirectX SDK > DirectX Sample Browser.

There are Tutorials 1 to 6 close to the bottom.

If you look through the code you'll get your 1 answered.

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The ZMan

1. lines - use the D3DXLine Interface (Line class in managed code). Rectangles - thats 4 lines. Circles - lots of small lines using sin() and cos(). TO animate them move the vetrices that describe the lines. To fill them with color you will need to draw triangles instead of lines. TO fill with a texture you need to set texture coordinates on the vertices when you draw the triangles. As the previous poster noted if you work through the tutorials 1-6 in the SDK you will see how to do most of these things.

2. DirectX doesn't have such things - games make their own UI. YOu can use this one - its free and very popular

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it is good to use XNA easier