Big Cow

does anybody reading this know of a GOOD/OKAY animating program that is free

if so please reply and tell it to me,


Big Cow

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Animation


Blender is an excellent modeling and animation program, but the learning curve is pretty big. If you force yourself to stick with it and memorize some of the key shortcuts you will probably (like most people who use it) come to the conclusion that the interface is superior. It is incredibly powerful. Just try not to get discouraged at first.

Another program that's much more intuitive and simple is Milkshape. It's not free, but it's very inexpensive. This is great for starting out and doing simple projects, but it doesn't have nearly as many features as Blender.

I've used both of these and I like them a lot. Both are fairly widely known and export to various formats which can then be converted if necessary.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express Animation


anim8or, is easy to learn/use but isnt too powerfull.

its fully free and the file size is incredibly low (1mb) so check it out!

Jer C