Scott Guthery

1) I've had virtually no luck getting the output of the AutoDesk convert-to-fbx tools to load into XNA successfully. Judging from the AutoDesk conversion tools, there are a number of .fbx variants in play. Maybe I'm converting to the wrong flavor of .fbx. Which variant does XNA like the best

2) In general XNA seems to like .x models better than .fbx models. What editors beside Blender produce .x directly

Thanks for any insight.

Cheers, Scott

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What is the symptom you are seeing Is there an error message when loading the model, or are you just unable to see the model when drawing it

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My experiance has been the opposite. I've been more successful with .fbx. What I've been doing is importing my Autodesk files into Milkshape, then exporting to .fbx and it's worked just fine. It's a pain to do, but it works.

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Nick Gravelyn

Strange, because I've exported directly out of Maya into a .fbx file and XNA read it flawlessly. Perhaps the plugin version is your problem

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Me too. From maya to fbx and XNA.

I've experienced problems with transforms into the fbx file, but I think that it's my lack of modeling talent.

I don't know if there any differences between fbx and x. I'm not sure but I think that these two formats contains the same data.

Can you extract the same Model object from .x or .fbx files

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I use .fbx with 3ds max 9 because I can never get Panda or kw xporter to work on max9. The only strange thing I've noticed is that the fbx files are usually hugely bloated for some reason whenever I don't do an ASCII export. My models might hit 100k as an .x file, but they'll hit 75MB in fbx!

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Fbx has an option to include textures inside the Fbx file. Maybe that is why your Fbx files are larger.


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I also have no trouble exporting from 3ds Max 9 directly to .fbx and into XNA. As I recall, it did help me to install the latest .fbx export plugin from the Max plugin website. I *think* this is the link, but I don't remember for sure: siteID=123112&id=8299784

With that plugin, I generate a binary .fbx file that doesn't seem too big, and it works fine in XNA.

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I prefer .fbx. I use 3dsmax for my models and a good X exporter isn't put in by standard. In the time i tried to get directx working with vb .Net(something i never succeeded in) i was having problems with X files, there are so many working and not-working exporters.

My version of 3dsmax7 came with a .fbx exporter that works 100% fine. I only have to find out animation but that will come..