I have a strange problem here. I can not remove the write protection of the include files of the DX December SDK under VISTA ... is that the expected result or do I anything substantially wrong

I know how to remove the read only attribute ... I can repeat this as often as I want they seem to stay write-protected == read-only.

Thanks for your help,

- Wolfgang

Re: Direct3D 10 Include Directories on VISTA write protected


i have the same problem i cant write, i can copy files but i cant move them also (obviously)


Re: Direct3D 10 Include Directories on VISTA write protected

Jack Hoxley

I'm not in front of my Vista machine right now, but I have seen similar during my repeated (re-)installs of Vista over the last year or so.

It all boiled down to permissions - If one user creates the files then other users may not have permission to modify them. In my case I had files installed on a seperate partition and re-installing Vista on the primary partition meant I had a new user account which didn't match the credentials for the files created under the old (and non-existant) account.

If you pull up the properties for your files (I forget if it was heirarchical or if you have to go into *every* folder and select-all/apply) and look up the permissions you should be able to set the R/W permissions for different accounts (including the one you're currently using). You'll need admin priveledges of course...

Proved to be a royal PITA and definitely one of my least loved Vista "enhancements"


Re: Direct3D 10 Include Directories on VISTA write protected

Scott Bean

I had the same problem trying to compile projects after installing Vista and I thought my files were stuck on write protect, but someone mentioned that VS2005 had issues you just had to run VS in Admin mode ( or set your shortcut options for this ), or switch yourself over to admin or something... Very annoying indeed...