i'm developping an application in C# including videos. I play them with DirectX. The videos are encoded with Xvid.

I would like people who use my application not to have to install the codec first.

Is it possible to use just the file xvid.dll and dllImport to make the application work without the codec being installed

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In general no. Codecs are not simply a collection of functions that can be called. A brief scan through the codecs I have reveal they use COM so you'll have to at least register the underlying COM objects before it'll work.

Michael Taylor - 5/31/07

Re: Game Technologies: DirectX 101 Codec and DirectX


So, maybe it s possible to install the codec with the install file of my application

In fact i don t want a second install wizard to be launch after mine. But for that, i need to know where i have to write datas in the registry base and i can t find it anywhere on Internet.

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You could develop your setup executable to deploy both your product and the xvid codec, I would research more into how to make the xvid installer and what files need to be installed and registered where. If you're using the VS Setup and Deployment project, I would suggest getting Orca Database Editor to edit the final MSI file (if need be).

I'd suggest that the xvid project site, developer's site, forums about it

I would strongly suggest reading the FAQ, xvid may be open source but it is NOT public domain (meaning there are licensing restrictions).

the FAQ states

Can I distribute Xvid together with my proprietary program

If your program calls Xvid functionality upon run-time it¡¯s a derived work and hence, the terms of the GPL apply to the work as a whole including your program. So no, you cannot distribute Xvid together with your proprietary program then. If you want to distribute, you¡¯ll have to publish your program under the GPL as well. That also requires e.g. the provision of the full apps source code. Refer to the GPL license text for more information.

A later question ask about indirect calling, that is still part of the terms of their GPL

It is more likely that you should do a condition checking for whether Xvid is installed yet or not, if it is not inform the user to download and install the video codec. That or you'll need to GPL your program.