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Continuing my habit of starting more games/projects than I can ever hope to finish, I decided on Thursday I'd write my own version of Scorched Tanks in XNA. What I've got so far is by no means close to being a game, yet, you could probably "play" around with it for 5 minutes or so, so call it what you will.

It's working on 360 and Windows (without code changes of course) which is good news. What I've zipped is really just a work in progress for people to play around with and ask any questions (should there be any). The code is, as with all works in progress, fairly atrocious, so I'll keep it to myself for a bit but if by a miracle I've done something and you want to know how I'll happily tidy up the relevant bits and post it.

The destruction of the terrain is only semi-working at this point. If a shot bores an overhang in the terrain, the overhang will mysteriously disappear rather than fall to ground as in the original, I hope to have this fixed tomorrow. You can only fire one shot at a time, if you try firing two in quick succession the first one will disappear, this is by design since the game is essentially turn based. 3 shots to kill and make the enemy tank disappear, and currently the point that has to be in the blast radius is the bottom middle of the tank, so singeing the edges will do nothing. Strange things will probably happen too if you resize the window, but in testing it didn't appear to make any difference to where the tanks ended up. I've not come across any bugs that actually crash the game as yet, I've tried to take care of things like firing outside the map, digging a hole out the bottom of the map etc, but if you do catch any just mention it.

The controls for the 360 controller are:

Left Thumbstick: Scroll the world.
Right Thumbstick: Aim the turret between 0 and 180 degrees.
A: Fire!
Left/Right Trigger: Decrease/Increase power

and for keyboard:

'A' and 'D': Scroll the world.
Left/Right Arrow: Aim the turret.
Space Bar: Fire!
+ and - on NumPad: Increase/Decrease power.

Download here: [Didn't work]

EDIT: Version B:

I'll try and post fairly regular updates over Christmas, but I should really be working on my other game for my university project, so we'll see how things go.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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I tried to run it but i get a error so i no offense i have intrest in stealing or when your code but i disassembled it to see what is wrong. once again i have never heard of your game u want to me it like and what not just wanted to see it. and i get a exception like this Texture width or height is larger than the device supports.
Parameter name: width
which im guessing has to do with the starfield texture. i know my card is shader2 compliant. just wanted to let ya know bye bye

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it crashed here too

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same here, unfortunately. I really would like to check this out ;)

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Adam Miles

Ok, assuming it's an issue with the non-square non power of 2 texture I've resized the starfield to 1024x1024 in case that's the problem. If someone that had it not working before wants to try the new one out I'd be grateful.:)

Version B:

Adam Miles

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First ver. didnt work , i will try this