Costas Vandikas

I'm having trouble injecting content from Blender to my D3D app. The mesh file is exported from Blender 2.43a using the DirectX Exporter using either the Bl. Normals or the recalculate normals option, at a time (two different scenarios). In either scenario the DirectX viewer complains that there is no information regarding tangents/binormals and tries to calculate them in order to display the mesh file properly, and it does. On the other hand when I try to load the same mesh file from my application using the trivial Mesh.FromFile method I get an unknown D3DException. My question is where can I find some feedback on creating a robust Mesh Loader for C# using Managed DirectX (if C++ was the case I'd just take a peek at the DirectX Viewer source code found in the Sample Browser). I am under the suspicion that one could use the Mesh.FromX in order to create an alternative loader but I have failed in finding further information.

If anyone here has any ideas or scripts on how to augment the exported .x file from blender in order to contain binormals/tangents using dxops or has any info on how to create robust mesh loaders for C# please reply.