Joel Martinez

Just wanted to let whomever it might concern that there are a few bum URLs lying around in the XNAosphere. well, I've got two so far, but they seem to be pretty important ones :-)

1. The confirmation email I got from xblive on my club sub purchase gave me this URL --

2. The article "Xna Game Studio Express > Programming Guide > Audio > Audio Overview" has a link to: url=/library/en-us/directx9_c/audio_xact_authoring_intro.asp

Both of these result in a 404

Re: XNA Game Studio Express XNA URLs

Michael Klucher - MSFT

Thanks for letting us know. We'll get them working.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express XNA URLs

David Weller - MSFT

MSDN recently completely change their system (which is why the redirects go to msdn2.* now. Thanks for catching this, we'll get it fixed!