I think the tutorials for 3d camera rotation aren't that fair i was doing great until those tutorials. I halted completely cause all those tutorials refer to models and code that were implemented somewhere else, but they don't have referring code or directions for how to replace the models and textures or input.

refer to the code needed int he tutorial correctly
i have no idea where they got all the extra code from. i know there just loading the content from the pipeline but the guy doesn't tell us where we can get them model and textures from or input from. I found it all later after searching. but still haven't tracked the model or size, just the how to load your own model. ill prolly have to use my own models since they dont supply it they should have used the same spacewar model to make it easy for us.

How to: Rotate and Move a Camera first perso n camera and third person camera

box = content.Load<Model>("box");
boxTexture = content.Load<Texture2D>("boxtexture"); avatarTexture = content.Load<Texture2D>("avatartexture");
I looked 3 hours for that freaking box model and textures where the hell are they.

that text right there is just thrown at us and the tutorial goes on with out supplying the stuff. or direction to change the models to our own and substitute. But for that we need to know what sizes we can substitute it so we can load the textures and don't say avatar without telling us what an avatar is i don't know if i saw avatar explained in the tutorials.

like how do i know what size the box texture is to replace it with. i was like f i guess i have to make my own models and textures and then replace it with that code. then i was like damn what size does it have to be. then i was like f whats an avatar and how come they got textures too haven't seen a tutorial for that here they just introduced the word avatar out of order or something. i know what it is now but only after the fact of researching .

since they don't give us the links to those references needed before you do the tutorial all the extra digging on other sites for better tutorial is my only help.I wish they put all necessary tutorials ahead that needed to be read before the tutorial more accurately. i wish it were clearer. The msdn was great reference for me up until that camera tutorial anyways. kind of a bummer for me. for two days trying to find the order of tutorials. ill keep searching through the msdn for the locations but its a pain trying to track down where all that content can be found. dont get me wrong Microsoft rocks for giving us this great stuff never in my dreams woud i believe that the product would be so great and a lot of the tutorials are just thats a small critique that can be improved to make your great product even more productive. thanks oh yah give us a hight map map tutorial man :) ps hope somoene links me to that damn box model. :)

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I think that Avatar is a model (human or otherwise) that represents the player then in 3rd person view.  That is, what the player sees as himself in the game.

What kind of height map tutorial are you looking for   making height maps, or using them

There is a heightmap (creating) tutorial in the quadtree project (see link below). and the quadtree project uses them (there are other ways to use them as well).

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I've done a beginner introduction into Camera's, which I recently posted in my blog, which I' going to follow up with a more detailed camera guide.

Most new starters get confused between what is the avatar and what a camera really is, there are a lot of good books out there which I've used for reference.

I even mentioned Clydes quadtree project as a good example of a camera (aleit as an avatar camera)