IWanna Be The Greatest Gamemaker

I searched the forums for "learning XNA" And in all the threads it said I need to lea the basics of C#.

What exactly do you mean by the basics of C#.

I would like know what I need to learn to so that I can make games using XNA.

Re: XNA Game Studio Express C# and XNA


XNA is the technology, but C# is the programming language. MS offers a learning edition of C# (which is really a full-blown C# compiler, and quite nice!) which is required for XNA. XNA itself is really just an add-on to the C# development environment.

This is the official home of XNA: http://creators.xna.com/

this is a site with some tutorials: http://learnxna.com/files/folders/videotutorials/default.aspx

more video tutorials: http://www.xnatutorial.com/ page_id=46

XNA resources: http://www.xnaresources.com/blog.asp

Official MS site for C# beginners (tutorials): http://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/

hope that helps.

//edit: something else you might want to be aware of: XNA provides the codebase for building games, but other essential elements, such as game engines, map builders (for 3D) as well as 2D game engines are not a part of the XNA framework; you'll need to track those down yourself. Luckily, MS is offering a license for TorqueX with a year subscription to the XNA developers network. For about $100, you can't beat that!