Ive been pepping my project with animated x files, in preperation for a tutorial showing me how to use them. I added 1 to my project and it throws this message -

Content\Graphics\Models\sq.X : warning : The X file contains multiple skeletons. Only the first skeleton will be attached to the scene root. The extra skeleton, "Bone01", will be kept in its original position in the frame hierarchy.

Content\Graphics\Models\sq.X : warning : Fragment identifier "Bone01". (note there are a few of these, each with a different bone)

Content\Graphics\Models\sq.X : error : Node has more than one BoneContent child. Unable to determine which one is the skeleton root.

The model loads and animates perfectly in the DirectX Viewer, but the model came from a downloaded max file, which i got a friend with Max to export (using the latest Panda exporter). The MS exporter didnt export the x file with animation that was in the max file. Anyone any ideas on how to fix this Ive very limited access to max as I dont use it, so my bud does this for me in spare lunchtimes. I can post if anyone wants to see the file......