Hi all

I'm trying to implement LOD in a quadtree component. Now I have one problem: WorkItemId=775&FileAttachmentId=322

I use one vertexbuffer with full vertex list, and three index buffers to represent high, medium and low LOD.

For example, for one quadtree node I have 81 vertices in Vertexbuffer, 128 triangles in the high LOD index buffer, 32 triangles in the medium LOD index buffer and 8 triangles in the low LOD index buffer. You can see an example here: WorkItemId=775&FileAttachmentId=329

And that's the problem. geometry between hign and medium could not collide. You can see the code here:

I don't know how can I solve that. Any ideas, resources, tutorials


Re: XNA Framework Adaptive level of detail


Hmmm, this is just a reach.. but have you tried a more dynamic solution. Allowing the level of detail to "ramp up" from low to high. Something like a quad tree setup...

Re: XNA Framework Adaptive level of detail

Yes, it is a quadtree. I only draw the visible nodes of the quadtree, and then, I draw each one using the level of detail asigned by distance from the point of view.

I use frustum culling to identify the level of detail as you can see in this picture: WorkItemId=775&FileAttachmentId=347