I am trying to setup a solution that allows me to build for both the PC and XBOX. So far in my research, it appears the best way is to have 2 projects in your solutions (PC project, and an XBOX project). This method is slightly annoying however, since when you add one file to the first project, you must 'add as link' the same file to the 2nd project.

I was wondering if there was a better way to do this

If not, I have developed a little tool that helps with this a little. It basically takes the project info from one project file, and puts it into the 2nd project file. I was wondering if it would b possible to launch this automatically, before the project is sent off to be built I tried to use a pre-build event, but that occurs too late. The updated XBOX project is not compiled until next build.



Re: XNA Game Studio Express Building for both XBOX & PC