Hi all,

I don't want to be the next best game developer but I've always been interested in game development. I have a couple of personal (unique, I think) game design ideas that I would like to undertake using Managed DirectX. I really would love to go on a crash course for Managed DirectX in C#, especially targeting Direct3D.

I realise graphics programming and game programming as a whole is a massive subject that spans several skills and takes years to master. I've been reading books over the years and following C++ tutorials, I've got some understanding of bits and pieces of this API. What i haven't got is any completed projects or code and versioning is inconsistant. I suppose I am getting there slowly and steadily but I don't allocate enough personal time for this. I am currently viewing the Managed DirectX tutorial web casts but viewing it from one day to the next is slow and painful.

My first stab was DirectDraw7 using MS VC++ 6 and I got so far and dropped it as I soon realised how obsolete the DirectDraw Interface is!! I really want to get into Direct3D and 3D graphics but this kind of increases the complexity and amount of mathematics required. I'm also not a very well seasoned C++ developer.

I have a good development background but have only been developing with C# for 12 months. Within these 12 months I've learned to love C#. It makes hard things easy and easy things hard but thats the cost of flexibility. I absolutely adore the language. My previous language (my background) is MS Visual FoxPro (VFP). I currently write database applications for local governement and local business.

I would preferably like to take some leave and go on one or two crash courses on 3D graphics programming using Managed DirectX and C#. I know if I had enough passion people will say I don't need this but I really want to give this a try and see if I get anything from it. If not then I know it really is not for me. I really deep down feel it is though. If no in-class training is available, online would be acceptable. Anyone know of anything I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, recommendations.



Re: Game Technologies: General Managed DirectX in C# Training Courses in UK?

The ZMan

The only Managed DirectX course I have ever seen was cancelled before it ran and they have no future dates set up anywhere id=374

Right now your best bet would be to skip MDX and go right to XNA. There are a couple of online courses showing up but right now nobody knows how good either of them are.


There are also online classes around C++/Direct3D at and

Otherwise look around at the local universities - some of them offer classes though they may be longer and fulltime ones.

Re: Game Technologies: General Managed DirectX in C# Training Courses in UK?


Hi ZMan,

Thank you for your reply.

I love the idea of XNA, my fear is the Windows abstraction. Although this is the point XNA, I kind of like Windows (heaven forbid) Is it possible to mix a WinForms app with an XNA app Can I use VS2005 Pro instead of express Is MS gonna drop MDX Obviously I've been here before, backing something that has become obsolete. I certainly don't want to be stuffed up with something like this.

Thanks for the links, very much appreciated.


Re: Game Technologies: General Managed DirectX in C# Training Courses in UK?

The ZMan

>Is it possible to mix a WinForms app with an XNA app

Yes but its more hard work since you have to manage a lot more things yourself that the XNA Game class normally does for you. I think there is one sample out there somewhere but I couldn't find the link. Search the forums

>Can I use VS2005 Pro instead of express

If you don't want to use the content pipeline add ins or the deploy to xbox then yes you can just refer to the assemblines and use them. However if you want to use those things then no you can't.

>Is MS gonna drop MDX

Nobody knows. However MDX 1.1 is part of DX9 and therefore will be supported throughout its lifetime. But whether there will be a future MDX release (maybe for DX10) or whether XNA is the only API going forward is something we are all waiting to see.